At age 58, I experienced a miracle by following the "Simple Mediterranean Ritual" and going from 225 pounds to a slender 150.

Me Labor Day 2022
Me Labor Day 2022

I started my journey after realizing how much having excess mass was affecting every part of my life.

We moved from Chicago to Astoria, Oregon when my husband was promoted at work. The charming little town of Astoria offers a superb blend of indoor and outdoor activities.

We love all four of the seasons but fall and winter are our favorites. In Astoria, we also had plans to go hiking, bicycling, camping, and fishing.

There was only one problem: I was way too heavy to move!

After years of stress and bad eating habits, I had finally given in. I was in awful shape, with achy joints, and had just encountered cardiac problems.

I was miserable and loathed the thought that I was losing out on family memories because of my size.
I was embarrassed when I saw myself in the mirror. I had little energy, was always craving junk food, and struggled to get out of my chair.

I was depressed and lacked confidence. I had seen several physicians and had a battery of tests done on me, but no matter what I did, the outcomes remained the same.

I temporarily lose some, then quickly regain it.

I regretfully decided to stay at home because of my size while my husband took our grandkids on a tour of the stunning countryside.

Me Fall of 2021
Me Fall of 2021

My fate was changed, though, thanks to, Helen, one of my former classmates. While at my favorite restaurant, I ran into her. She looked amazing.

She no longer resembled the Helen I once knew. Even though it seemed a little strange for me to ask, I was too interested in learning her routine.

Helen forwarded me a video that had a profound effect on her life.

I thought I had nothing to lose after attempting a number of diets without any discernible success. I watched the video. As a result, it was amazing to see the excess mass disappear using a Simple Mediterranean Ritual.

It also had the additional advantage of helping to regulate my blood sugar and heart rate!

I came to the conclusion that my excess mass had nothing to do with how hard I tried to refrain from eating my favorite foods.

How often do I get cardiovascular exercise?

How much sugar or carbohydrates do I consume?

There are several factors to consider, including my thyroid, hormones, digestion, DNA, and even my liver health.

After watching the video, I started using the "Simple Mediterranean Ritual" and I was able to finally see results!

Now I always wake up feeling energized and renewed!

I started to feel confident and upbeat instead of hopeless!

Fatigue, morning fog, inflammation, chronic headaches, increased hunger/cravings, and back and knee issues can be all symptoms of depression and anxiety.

I lack the words to express how wonderful and priceless it is to become and remain well.

It is the reason I'm now telling everyone I know my story. The same "Mediterranean Ritual" is being used by members of my family and friends, and they are all having great success.

I am 58 years old, and I feel younger than I have in the past, and it gets better every day.

I feel lighter and more able to spend time outside with my husband and grandchildren each morning.

I feel like I'm at my best!

The Button Below explains how the "Simple Mediterranean Ritual" works.

I hope it helps.


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